STARTER - Starter: Design


Wall quarterly calendar for STARTER

Illustration “Surprised cat”

Illustration “Cat from the back”

Illustration “Morning of a cat after a sleepless night”

Illustration “Accident in space”

Illustration “The cat caught the mouse”

Illustration “Cat on Halloween”

Illustration “Flying Cat”

Illustration “Cat with Fish Eyes”

Desk calendar STARTER

Illustration “Cat on the Beach”

Illustration “Cat in the Sea”

Illustration “Cat-pilot”

Illustration “Cat with a Goldfish”

Illustration “Cat on September 1”

Illustration “Cat with coffee and donut”

Illustration “Cat with a cupcake”

Illustration “Cat with a cake”

Illustration “Cat with Forest Spirit from Totoro”

Illustration “Kitty is given ice cream”

Illustration “Cat with a surf”

Illustration “Cat with Totoro”

Illustration “Cat Facepalm”

Illustration “Cat with tea”

Illustration “Kitty in quarantine”

Illustration “Easter kitten”

Illustration “Kitten in rocket”

Illustration “Kitten in Space”

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